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Creating Accident-Free Workplaces

GAP Audit Consulting, Inc. The simple fact is that accidents cause many problems in the workplace. Between accident investigation, lost worker time and possible litigation, the cost to your bottom line is substantial. In addition, agriculture ranks among the most hazardous industries in the world.

Every day, an estimated 500 agricultural workers suffer injuries, almost all of them requiring lost work time. Around 5% of these injuries result in permanent impairment and in many cases litigation will also be involved. This is why it would be better for you to avoid accidents altogether.

And That’s Where We Can Help You…

GAP Audit Consulting, Inc. GAP Audit Consulting can help you in all your agriculture workplace safety needs. We only work with agriculture, making us true experts in the field of agriculture safety. We have a measured, professional safety process that we adapt and apply to your agriculture business, bringing attention to areas that could be the source of future safety problems. Our general agricultural safety consulting services will help your business become more profitable and efficient.

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