Let us help you maximize your profits.GAP Audit Consulting, Inc. – Providing farm solutions to fit your needs.We are not afraid to get our hands dirty.Protecting the fruits of your labor.Preparing your farm for future generations.

100% Pass Rate

GAP Audit Consulting, Inc. GAP Audit Consulting has a 100% audit pass success rate. That’s right – our clients have never failed an audit. We have been offering excellent agriculture safety and food safety consulting services since 2003. Being a BBB-accredited company reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Agriculture is All We Do

This is a testament to how much we care, and how thorough we are. We are not a huge conglomeration, so we are able to focus our attention to the task at hand and we do a superior job at it. We also specialize in agriculture – we are not a general safety company that has an agriculture branch – agriculture is all we do.

We also understand that your company is unique, and we find ways for you to comply with audit standards without taking away the uniqueness of your company. We are very, very good at this. GAP Audit Consulting has a long list of satisfied clients. No matter the size of your agricultural operation, trust GAP Audit Consulting to thoroughly handle your needs.

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