Prepare for and Pass Audits for Worldwide Food Safety Programs

In simple terms, we prepare you to pass the major audits that will greatly expand your business’s reach. No matter what program you want to participate in, there are standards you must meet before you can sell your goods. We help you meet these standards.

Programs include (but are not limited to):

GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Tesco NURTURE
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) And more!
British Retail Consortium (BRC)    

GAP Audit Consulting is a company that specializes in helping agricultural clients of all sizes to increase their business and meet safety standards.

We accomplish this by assisting you in running your business safely, more effectively, and, if needed, we can assist you in meeting and passing the standards set down by worldwide food safety programs.

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Run your business safely and more effectively!

We can provide you with consulting services that will help you identify unsafe practices, potential food safety pitfalls, and a variety of other safety issues that can otherwise cripple your business.

Learn more about our Agricultural Safety Consulting. GAP Audit Consulting services agricultural businesses nationwide, and is ready to assist you. Contact Us to learn more.

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